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Friday 30th September

2pm - 3.30pm A local band playing a mix of favorites from the 60s to the present

7.30pm: Laura Dannan - a singer/songwriters from St. Albans. Her unique, conversational style and quirky insights, such as having a mid-life crises, being addicted to chocolate and a love of romantic stories make for an entertaining listen.

8.00pm: The Peace Lilies - an indie folk/pop duo, Gary and Jacqui have a natural vocal harmony blend which combines with Gary’s mellow guitar work to producer an eclectic mix of original songs and 1960s/70s’ covers.


8.30pm: Steve Last - with his trusty guitar, Steve has been performing at folk clubs and festivals all over southern England for the past 20 years. He’s well-versed – literally – many popular songs, with a particular penchant for the Eagles, but has also written a lot of his own material.


9.00pm: Trevor Thomas - A relative newcomer to the singer-songwriter scene, Trevor’s evidence that age is no barrier to creativity. He’s now a regular and valued member of the local music scene and apart from playing well-known songs has several self-penned songs to his name – and credit.


9.30pm: Edmund (of Langley) Coan - Ed Coan from across the river/canal in Abbots Langley is a singer-songwriter who counts his influences from jazz to folk and back again. His songs are an eclectic mix of personal reflection, wider truths, all lyrically infused with hope and redemption.


Saturday 1st October

7pm - 10.30pm: Music Courtesy of Bob Best

Sunday 2nd October

12 - 5pm: Music Courtesy of Bob Best

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